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Weather plays a large role in fishing by dictating when we can or can’t go out on Lake Erie. The weather can also indicate where the fish might be biting the best! Stay up to date with our Weather Report!


Cancellations & FAQ

While there are somethings we cant control in life such as bad weather, we will gladly offer you a later date at no additional expense.

Since the historic town of Port Clinton is the Walleye Fishing Capital of the world, you can find many fish processing facilities in the area!

It is generally allowed to bring food and drinks on a charter boat, but it’s important to check with the captain beforehand.

Captain Hook Charters doesn’t offer Lake Erie sightseeing tours as they specialize in fishing and waterfowl hunting charters and do not have the equipment or expertise to provide a sightseeing tour.

If you are looking for other amenities we offer, checkout our Local Attractions + Information page

You can book a Charter with Captain Hook Charters by giving us a call at 419-656-0883!

For Pricing and more information please refer to our Charters page.

Our Waterfowl Hunting trips include experienced guides, decoys, blinds, transportation to and from the hunting location, and the cleaning and processing of your harvest.

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