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Fishing License Information

Fishing Licenses are required for Ohio and Canadian waters.  We can fish in both, so it is best to call us the week before you arrive to determine which license is best for you.  You are not required to have a passport to fish Canadian waters, because we are not touching land.  The only time you would need it is if you are staying at Pelee Island for your charter

What Licensing Do I Need???

To make your experience as enjoyable, we are providing you with the direct links for both licenses to fish on the US and Candian Waters.

*We recommend calling us a week ahead of your scheduled charter*

Use the button below to purchase your Ohio Fishing License

Use the button below to purchase your Canadian Fishing License

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out!

Again, it is hard to predict where we will be fishing on the day of your arrival.  We work hard to find the best fishing to enhance your experience.  It is best to call us the week before you arrive to confirm which license you will need, and then to obtain those licenses BEFORE you arrive.  Ohio Licensing is available at select locations but often has long lines and restricted hours.  Canadian Licenses are ONLY available ONLINE!  You will need to have them before you arrive.

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